Entry #2

My First Submission

2010-03-29 17:05:29 by Lanmana

Yay, my first Flash submission to the portal! Since the early years of Newgrounds, I've only lurked around watching everyone's great animations. Now I finally get the chance to contribute something of my own.

This is my greatest achievement in Flash so far, and I only hope to make better ones in the future.

Enjoy "The Legacy of Shaolin OP" everyone! ;3

- Melissa Lee

My First Submission


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2010-03-29 17:12:08

It looks great.


2010-03-29 17:15:17

Well, if you study animation the technical part of your flashes will be covered.

Judging from your bio thingy there, the creativity is accounted for as well.

Lanmana responds:

Oh that's alright, so long as it's constructive and all. ^^


2010-03-29 17:46:11

Very nice + Saved

reminds me of kung fu panda


2010-03-29 18:09:41

Really an awesome work! You should make a series.. The characters are very interesting =3


2010-04-14 03:37:54

it could of used more Boyish brutality

a long and confusing battle scene between 2 closely matched and skilled hand to hand combatants *_*

it all seems like disney shit here

Lanmana responds:

Yeah, I know what you mean. I was originally planning to do something epic like that for it but ran out of time. I'm hoping to have more time for something like that in my next animation though.